WRAP IT UP - the first hand wrap energy enhancer additive

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This is the most versatile energy enhancer available in the martial arts industry.

Can’t use a Power Patch or BEST T-Shirt? Then place yourself in an optimum state of balance and stabilization with Kathy Long’s Wrap it Up Liquilight.

Easy – Convenient – Powerful

Kathy Long, 5-Time World Kickboxing Champion, has embedded her Balancing, Energizing, Stabilizing and Thought-managing technology into 100% pure water called Liquilight - Wrap it Up! 

Put one drop of Liquilight right on the underside of both your wrists. That’s all you need. The BEST effect will last for up to three hours on average. For longer lasting results, put one drop right on your hand wrap or clothing. The drops will soak into the fibers of the material to hold you at your BEST for several hours more.

    • Maximize your striking power
    • Enhance your stamina
    • Stabilize your base
    • Increase your reach


    “I really love to use my BEST Liquilight. One drop and I’m energized, balanced and ready.” ~ Kathy Long





    You get 100 drops of Kathy Long’s BEST Wrap it Up Liquilight.

    • 50 uses per bottle – lasts for weeks and weeks
    • Can be used on any wrap or material
    • Used all over the world for over 15 years
    • Used by Olympic athletes and professional fighters  
    • Tested in gyms, schools, universities and hospitals

    Be your B.E.S.T. -

    B – Balance

    “It balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain for greater information delivery to the body.”

    ~ Dr. Crews

     E – Energy

    “It increases the flow of oxygen to the brain and muscles for greater strength and endurance.”

    ~ Dr. Omata

    S – Stabilization

    “It protects and stabilizes the subtle information-carrying energies from your brain to your body for greater coordination, recovery and mental clarity.”

    ~ Dr. Tully

    T – Thought

    “It increases the body’s reaction time of intention and purposeful thought to allow unencumbered muscle memory movement.”

    ~ Dr. Acosta

    Kathy Long’s BEST Technology puts the mind and body at its optimum energetic state of being so that when you’re working-out, training or competing, your mind, body and overall energies are stabilized, balanced and in sync placing you at your very BEST.

     The BEST technology has a layering effect:

    • One BEST product is good,
    • Two are great,
    • Three are better and
    • More are BEST!

     Get them ALL!






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