Grow-It Liquilight - keep your plants healthy and growing strong

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One 100-drop bottle of Grow-It Liquilight concentrate

Do you grow your own spices, fruits and variables?

If so, then your plants, flowers and trees definitely need Grow It Liquilight.

We don’t think about it too much but our plants are bombarded by the same manmade energy waves and pollutants that we are – pesticides, dirty smog air, EMFs, cell phone waves and much, much more. It settles on their leaves and soil. It interrupts the bio-electromagnetic photosynthesis process and reduces the health and potential of your outdoor living friends.

Mist on a little Grow-It Liquilight every time you water and see for yourself their transformation from weak and small to healthy and large.

One drop goes a long way - One bottle makes over 11 gallons

Just a couple of light mists of diluted Grow-It Liquilight distributes the all-natural signal to your plants and flowers to help them stay protected and growing healthy and strong. Remember, you have to think energetically, not physically. Think of a light mist of Grow-It Liquilight as an information delivery process, not a physical moistening process.

It only takes one drop of Grow-It Liquilight concentrate to infuse up to 16 ounces of water so one bottle will last you for months and months.

Liquilight uses the natural molecular energy of water as its power source and will instantaneously transfer to plants, vines, flowers and trees. 

How it's made

Water molecules are permanently infused with the Harmonic Energy Plant information through the use of a proprietary Electromagnetic Pattern Infuser (EPI) cylinder. 100% pure water enters the EPI cylinder and exits as pure 100% pure water now holding, transporting and photonically emitting the HE Plant enhancement information. This pure infused water is called Liquilight – liquid, light.

Get yours today and start to care for your plants, energetically.





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