SMART BEAUTY - Be age-defiant and use bioenergetics to keep your face, skin, hair healthy and younger-looking

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I refuse to look old if I don't have to!
Use Smart Beauty bioenergetics to keep your face, skin and hair healthy and younger-looking.

Put Smart Beauty in your shampoos, conditioners, body soaps, suntan lotions and more. It will infuse their entire bottles with stabilizing and balancing bioenergetics and they will stay “charged-up” for the life of the product. Smart Beauty is made with 100% pure water infused with Harmonic Energy-C made specifically to adhere to the ingredients and chemicals in your cleansers and cosmetics. Every time you use your energized cosmetics the bioenergy will stabilize, balance and protect your body for several hours throughout the day.
Offers a great base to Stack upon!

1/2oz. (15ml) 8 applications per bottle. 100% all-natural. For all ages

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