ENHANCED BEGINNINGS - Digital Download - energy enhanced lullaby music

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Stabilize, Protect and Renew with energy-enhancing music by Robert Anthony Aviles

Full Digital Album (Compressed File)

This album utilizes classical instruments such as violin, piano, flutes, horns, and strings along with subtle synthesizers and voice textures.

Track 1 - Lullaby
Track 2 - Row Your Boat
Track 3 - Hush Little Baby
Track 4 - Are You Sleepng
Track 5 - My Bonnie
Track 6 - Itsy Bitsy Spider
Track 7 - Puff the Magic Dragon
Track 8 - You are My Sunshine
Track 9 - London Bridge
Track 10 - Rock-a-Bye Baby
Track 11 - Three Blind Mice - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Track 12 - This Old Man

When played the HE-Music’s sound waves will deliver its harmonizing and balancing information up to 100 meters in all directions – left, right, back, forward, up and down.

Play it loudly, softly and almost inaudibly. Either way the full HE benefits will be delivered.

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