Home Protection System

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For your house, car, environment and you!

"Neutralize your life with EES"

The Energy Enhancement System (EES) contains everything you need to harmonize your life, including: an all-natural hand-made solid mahogany B-Cell pendant, six (6) E-Cell Wave Riders and the best-selling Sanctuary Harmonic Energy Music CD.

Take the warnings about manmade energies seriously. Protect you home, your family, your pets and plants with one easy stroke. Install the EES system. I may be the most comprehensive and easy to use total home protection kit available. 

Here’s what you’ll do

To protect your home. Place a Wave Rider on your home’s circuit breaker box, power outlet and heavy appliance. 

To protect your car. Place another set of Wave Riders on your car’s battery, fuse box and tail light.

To protect any area. Play the HE-Music Sanctuary CD to harmonize your environment

To protect yourself. Wear the B-Cell mahogany pendant.

One is good, two are better, three are better yet.

The body's energetic intelligence uses the first EES HE application to balance and harmonize. Then from that state of harmonization the body will use the second and third and so on, to address other energetic shortages and blockages, to strengthen and stabilize and to increase energy and support restful sleep. You and your entire family can live balanced with EES

Be assured, be safe

The HE Technology has been tested by thousands of discerning customers around the world for decades—buy with confidence knowing that this energizing technology is dependable, long-lasting and safe.

There are only a limited number of EES sets available.

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