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Stabilize, Protect and Renew with energy-enhancing music by Robert Anthony Aviles

Full Digital Album (Compressed File)

Enjoy an hour of natural sounds like streams, rain, and surf, interwoven with soothing harmonies and textures from sources such as toning bowls, wind chimes, didgeridoo, birds, choir and whales-calling violins.  

Track 1 - Water
Track 2 - Keyboards Vangelis Style
Track 3 - Ocean Whales
Track 4 - Tinkle Bells
Track 5 - Meditative Drums Om
Track 6 - Shoreline
Track 7 - River & Birds
Track 8 - Keyboard Pad
Track 9 - Water Bubbles & Birds
Track 10 - Night In African Dessert
Track 11 - Keyboards Shoreline
Track 12 - Ambient Electronica

When played the HE-Music’s sound waves will deliver its harmonizing and balancing information up to 100 meters in all directions – left, right, back, forward, up and down.

Play it loudly, softly and almost inaudibly. Either way the full HE benefits will be delivered.

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