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Stabilize, Protect and Renew with energy-enhancing music by Robert Anthony Aviles

Full Digital Album (Compressed File)

Rhythm of the Light was inspired by profound spiritual experiences. The music on this album includes cultural influences such as the didgeridoo from Australia, Indian tones and scales from the East, percussion sounds from Africa and South America, chants from Gregorian and other monastic influences and, of course, the Western sounds of violin and piano.

Track 1 - Alpha Omega
Track 2 - In The Name
Track 3 - Bow
Track 4 - Seduction
Track 5 - East To Wind
Track 6 - Enchantment
Track 7 - Tara
Track 8 - Ancient Souls
Track 9 - Rhythm Of The Light
Track 10 - Eleven Eleven
Track 11 - Light Reprise 

When played the HE-Music’s sound waves will deliver its harmonizing and balancing information up to 100 meters in all directions – left, right, back, forward, up and down.

Play it loudly, softly and almost inaudibly. Either way the full HE benefits will be delivered.

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