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Stabilize, Protect and Renew with energy-enhancing music by Robert Anthony Aviles

Full Digital Album (Compressed File)

This award-winning album is designed to enhance intellectual development and further one's capacity for concentration during work or study.

Track 1 - Tibet
Track 2 - Eye of 11-11
Track 3 - Neptune
Track 4 - Mind Within
Track 5 - Dream Time
Track 6 - Journey to Shamballa
Track 7 - Canada
Track 8 - Passage
Track 9 - Walk It
Track 10 - Kashmir
Track 11 - Inseparabow
Track 12 - Ciago-Bow Epiloge
Track 13 - Come2gether

SCMA Nominated Best Instrumental ArtistSCMA Nominated Best World ArtistOCMA Winner Best Classic Rock ArtistOCMA 3-Times Nominee Best Live ActOCMA Winner Best Instrumental ArtistOCMA Winner Best AlbumOCMA 3-Times Nominee Best World Artist

When played the HE-Music’s sound waves will deliver its harmonizing and balancing information up to 100 meters in all directions – left, right, back, forward, up and down.

Play it loudly, softly and almost inaudibly. Either way the full HE benefits will be delivered.

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