SM GOLD DOUBLE-CELL PENDANT - perfect mix of beauty and protection

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Offering protection, balance and stabilization of your bioenergetics, with style.

“I wear mine all day, every day and have for many years. I love it. You’ll feel the difference!”

~ Kathy Long, 5X World Kickboxing Champion

The Double-Cell energy pendant has been tested by thousands of discerning Japanese customers for over 15 years—buy with confidence knowing that this energizing technology is dependable, proven, long-lasting and safe. They are difficult to import so get yours while you can.

 For YOU it Means:

  • Longer-lasting, more consistent energy
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Increased immunity
  • Greater balance, coordination, strength
  • Increased mental focus and calming

 “You’ll feel it, and like me, you won’t be without it.”

~ Kat


3/4 inch diameter
1/8 inch wide

Chain not included

How They’re Manufactured

The Double-Cell pendants are manufactured by Intention Energy in Osaka, Japan – they call the tech NanoVibe. The advanced Double-Cell Pendant uses two powerful Harmonic Energy Cells encased back-to-back in premium Rolex-quality raised rose quartz crystal. They are secured in a water tight ring made of medical grade, energetically neutral, non-allergenic titanium. The solid titanium metal is permanently electrostatically colored, not coated or plated.

It’s stunning, classy and powerful. 

Learn More, See the Double-Cell Pendant eBrochure


All of my Kathy Long’s BEST products are guaranteed to deliver the solutions presented. 

“If I hadn’t been using it for many years myself, I wouldn’t offer it to you.” ~ Kathy Long, 5X World Kickboxing Champion


“Energizes the body yet maintains a state of balance.” 

~ Lisa Tully, PhD. Colorado Energy Medicine Research Institute


“I was surprised to see things change for the positive in such a quick manner. This technology is phenomenal.” 

~ Jeanne Stryker, M.D. Clinical Thermography Studies

“It works every time with every person tested.” 

~ Sadao Omata, PhD. Professor, Japan University, Fukushima Medical University

“Helps to slow down the signs of aging by promoting an enhanced state of balance and wellbeing.” 

~ Mick Hall, PhD. InnerActive Nutrition Research Facilities





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