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Wear any jewelry you want and stay protected because you can wear your Bra Clip under your clothes.

The Radiance Mother of Pearl Bra Clip is designed to be worn on the body’s highest energy center – the middle of the chest. For ease of use and not to compete with style and jewelry, the Radiance Bra Clip is designed to be clipped to the front of most bras and concealed under clothing. In fact, it can be worn anywhere on the body – on your hair, in a pocket, on underwear, sock or shoe.

For consistent and maximum results, I recommend that you wear the Bra Clip every day and night.

“At night I take it off my bra and clip it to my PJs… he he, I said bra. It's the most convenient and classy-looking energy-enhancer there is. You should get one.”

~ The Jester


1/4 inch mother of pearl

Mounted on a stainless steel clip

3/8 inch wide

1 1/8 inch tall

Manufactured by Radiance Energy, USA, using one Harmonic Energy B-Cell – Radiate Harmony

Be assured, be safe
The HE B-Cell technology has been tested by thousands of discerning people around the world customers for decades—buy with confidence knowing that this energizing technology is dependable, long-lasting and safe.

“It is sure to have many beneficial applications” - Leonard Richards, PhD.

“It will improve every user’s well-being and performance.” - Nancy White, Ph.D.

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