CRISPER FRESH – fruit and vegetable spoilage reducer - save money!

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Waste not, want not. And add a little protection too.


Did you know...

The average family wastes over $198 every year on spoiled produce. Remember? Half of those expensive strawberries went bad before you got a chance to eat them. You weren’t able to make that fancy dinner salad so all that costly spinach, kale and lettuce wilted. All those $3 avocados ripened way too soon and went bad two days before the guacamole party. Sound familiar? Too familiar? Frustrated?

Finally there's an all-natural, inexpensive and long-lasting solution. Double and triple the life of your produce with no chemicals, no batteries and no need for expensive refills.

Get the Crisper Fresh System

The Crisper Fresh System has two parts. The first part is the Wave Rider that you easily affix with the self-adhesive backing to your refrigerator's wall power outlet or next to the light in your refrigerator. The second part is the Crisper Fresh Panel that you place in your refrigerator's crisper drawer.

That's it. You're done.

You never have to think about it again, except when you’re amazed at how long your pears are lasting or how fresh your five week old lettuce is staying.

 Here's how it all works


Oh looka happy pear. Just hanging on a tree, getting all the nourishment and energy it needs.


But once the connection to the tree is brokenits DNA triggers a spoilage signal: TIME TO SEED!


Normally the pear will begin to rot to help make way for the seeds inside to take root. But... 


If the pear still thought it was receiving energy, then it wouldn’t trigger its rot-and-go-to-seed response so quickly. 
...Don’t worry, everything is normal. 
...You’re receiving all you need. 
The pear just goes along with it. 


However, after a while the pear figures out that the "on-the-stem" signal isn't feeding it so it naturally begins the rotting process. Thus effectively putting off the "spoil response" two to three times later than it would have without the LésAvi Crisper Fresh. 


So what's in the LésAvi signal? 


LésAvi researchers measured the energetic signal of a tree nourishing its fruit.


Over many years we produced the vibrational equivalency of that signal 
- organically - with vibrating strings, not digital codes. 


Then we developed a delivery process that could last many years and would cost little to nothing to operate. It’s like blowing across a bottle and making a tone.


When any LésAvi solution is placed within the energy fields of plants, fruits or vegetables it will make an immediate connection and deliver the signal for as long as that connection is held. 


There it is, comfortably on the tree...


An all-natural, FREE Preservation system

The Crisper Fresh Wave Rider is a transponder that uses the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) fields already bouncing around your refrigerator as a free power source to carry the preservation signal to the Crisper Fresh Panel receiver. The receiver captures the signal and emanates it to fill the entire crisper drawer. It’s easy to install, each to clean and is free to use… for many years.

It really works. You'll be amazed

Your expensive fruits and vegetables now bathed within the all-natural plant preservation field will last two to three-times longer. No more wasted food. No more wasted money and no more squishy strawberries, wilted lettuce and soft pears. Your salads will thank you, your sandwiches will thank you, your family will thank you and your tight grocery budget will thank you.

Think Green.

Think Crisper Fresh






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