WAVE RIDER SET – complete home, car and device protection

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The Rider package contains three AC Wave Riders for home, three AC/DC Wave Riders for auto and a set of 3 DC Device Riders for portable devices.

Are you safe? Just follow the path of power and see for yourself

Powerful electrical currents enter your home at the circuit breaker. The electrical energy then runs through your walls to switches and power outlets creating large amounts of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) fields. In addition to the large EMF radiation emitted by the circuit breaker, each power outlet, power strip, electrical cord, appliance, light bulb, and anything plugged in to the circuit will radiate their own electromagnetic radiation field – there is literally no safe place in your home to hide.


Here's an EASY and long-term solution

Wave Riders are configured to be used within a home or building that runs an electric circuit. They work by using three Riders in unison. The first Rider is for primary source delivery, the second, works as a relay to help increase the information’s clarity and the third, acts as a heavy draw appliance booster.


It's been measured and found wanting

The Environmental Protection Agency released recommended safety levels of EMF, measured in Milligauss (mG), of .5 mG to 2.5 mG with 1.0 mG as a preferred standard. Adverse biological effects have been found at 2.5 mG. You would be safe to bet that here is no appliance in your home that adheres to the recommended 0.5 to 2.5mG amount of radiation.

If you have electric alarm clocks, cell phone chargers and lamps next to your bed and you use a hair dryer, blender or electric shaver... then you have to take it upon yourself, to be forward-thinking and balance, harmonize and neutralize the effects of EMF in your home.

Get a Wave Rider Home Set now. It's the easiest solution you can find for total home protection.








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