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Our Heroes

Heroes are real people that care about you. They are wellness providers, healthcare practitioners and manufacturers of balancing and stabilizing Enercuetical Bioenergetics enhanced products. They use, endorse and offer their Enerceutically-enhanced products in their clinics, practices, to their valued customers and to you, here in the Mall. Your Heroes are here because they want to provide you with easy, fun and convenient ways to maintain a strong bioenergy for your greater well-being, without having to alter your way of life. Take a few moments to visit with and learn from your knowledgeable Mall of Heroes, Heroes. 

Enerceutical Bioenergetics Technology, It’s science, naturally

The founders and managers of the Mall of Heroes are also the creators of the Enerceutical Bioenergetics Technology. Enerceuticals is an all-natural sympathetic vibration that matches and synchronizes with your body's bioenergetics. When used, the subtle bioenergetics will balance, stabilize and renew your body's vital biofield energies for greater protection, increased vitality and overall well-being – and will keep you maximized for as long as the Enerceuticals information is present.

To learn more about the Enerceutical Bioenergetics Technology and powering up your product line with bioenergetics visit OptimizeEarth.com



Dear Guest,

Our Mission is simple: Help you to live a happier, stabilized and balanced life.


…and we have done so successfully for over 20 years, all over the world.


We all know that our living spaces are riddled with harmful energy waveforms in the forms of EMF radiations, Wi-Fi, 4 and 5G cellular waves, chemicals, stresses and more. What you may not know is that our families, pets, plants and even our foods are being affected by these harmful energetic waves. Like we’ve been saying for decades, we are in a Wave War, and we are here to provide you with the tools you need to defend yourself—and to win.


What does winning mean? It means feeling and even looking younger with consistent energy throughout the day. It means increased immunity and recovery with greater growth and vitality. It means less pain, better sleep and reduced hunger. It means feeling better with less stress and greater mental focus. It means that the bioenergetic energies your body and brain uses to move muscles, build cells and maintain energetic communication throughout your body will be strong, stable and balanced again. It means that you will win the Wave War.


With the help of all our Heroes, our Enerceutical Bioenergetics Technology have been, and still are, used in hospitals, clinics, practices, schools and homes all over the world. Tens of thousands of people just like you have greatly benefitted by it. The bioenergetics industry is supported by over three thousand years of Asian history and is used in the West by chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, naturopaths and yes, medical doctors. We love this!


We at Optimize Earth all use the Enerceutically-enhanced products offered in the Mall. Our families use them, many of our children have used them all of their lives and most of our tens of thousands of worldwide customers still use them. Join us, try one, you’ll see and feel the difference.


This is our favorite part – a good percentage of our Heroes’ customers return to purchase more because they'd freely given their Enerceutically-enhanced products to a family member or friend who needed it. You'll see… you may be tempted to do so the same. That not only says quite a bit about the value our bioenergetic tech brings, but the kind of people that use them. Like you.


As you can see we are very pleased at the great number of people we’ve been able to help. It’s why we get up in the morning and why we continue to strive to introduce our great bioenergetic solutions to you, your families, your neighbors and your co-workers. Let’s all live well.


From our hearts, we wish you the best,

~ The Optimize Earth Family

Helping people worldwide, one person at a time, since 1998