Kathy Long

Kathy Long

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Kathy Long

Five-Time World Kickboxing Champion

Your workout clothes and gym environment may be slowing you down.

Think of the chemicals on the mats and in your sportswear, the electromagnetic frequencies, cellular and internet energy waves everywhere and the pressures and stresses weighing you down.

That’s why it’s important that you let our Hero Kathy help you out.

Kathy's unparalleled understanding and work with the body's natural bioenergies has made her a highly sought-after energetic healer and very unique martial arts instructor. She can help you too. 

Be your B.E.S.T.

“I discovered this technology and created my own energy-enhanced line of B.E.S.T. products. Get them all and be your BEST with me. I’m here to help!”
~ Kathy Long

Kat’s Scan

We test in the gym because that’s reality.

When winning is measured by inches and seconds, what would you want from your workout apparel?

 More Speed?

Kat’s Scan Objective: how many punches could be delivered in 30 seconds:

- Without Kat’s Power-Up T-shirt 55 hits

- With Kat’s Power-Up T-shirt 65 hits

An increase of 10 more hits!

Increased Endurance?


Kat’s Scan Objective: how long can a force be held back by outstretched arms:

- Without Kat’s Power-Up T-shirt 9.3 seconds

- With Kat’s Power-Up T-shirt 29.7 seconds

An increase of 20.4 seconds!

Greater Reach?


Kat’s Scan Objective: how high can be kicked:

- Without Kat’s Power-Up T-shirt 62.3 inches

- With Kat’s Power-Up T-shirt 72.6 inches

An increase of 10.3 inches!

 WOW! How much can you gain!


Kat’s Korner

I'm here to be in your corner every time you workout, compete and thrive


"I have never felt more relaxed and centered going into a fight like I did Powered by Coach Kat's BEST facing nearly impossible odds with clarity and understanding ....an added blessing as well to have Coach Kat there herself....I could not be more honored to represent and apply her technology in 'combat'."

     Brandon Harder

     Pro Fighter

     Martial Arts Personal Trainer, Nutritionist 


"I felt an evident improvement in my ability to remain calm and present in a really high stress environment. A sense of balance and poise I usually struggle to maintain seemed effortless. Wearing the technology was 100% effective in allowing my body to be on point like it hasn't before."

     Michelle Harder 


     Martial Personal Trainer, Nurse, Nutritionist 


"I was grateful to help Brandon and Michelle prepare and it was an honor to be in their corner. Just knowing that my BEST Tech helped in some way makes it all worthwhile. Everyone should get something from my new Power-Up line at the MallofHeroes.com and be their BEST too."  

     Kathy Long

     5X World Champion, Coach, Healer

     Martial Arts Hero at the Mall of Heroes    


A little about your Martial Arts Hero

 When you think of women's martial arts, there is one who stands out among the very best, Kathy Long. Kathy holds an almost unblemished professional kickboxing fighting record of 26-1-1, boxing record of 5-1 and MMA of 2-0. Kathy Long was notoriously known as The Punisher, Queen of Mean and Princess of Pain. Known for her world-famous passion and persistence, she has helped to establish and solidify women's fighting within a once male-dominated sport.

 Kathy was heavily involved in the movie industry offering fight choreography, stunt work, and acting. Her work included performing as a stunt double for Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns, fight choreographer for Death Becomes Her and multiple appearances on television shows, including Walker, Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris. Kathy has starred and appeared in several movies and has been featured on E Entertainment, Hard Copy, Action TV, The Today Show, Chop TV, and Street Justice.
 Take advantage of Kathy's BEST energy-enhanced martial arts support, you will feel the difference when you workout, compete and live your everyday life. 




Balance, Energy, Stability and Thought

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