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Enerceutical Bioenergetics Music

“The energy is between the notes”
The exceptional Enerceutical Bioenergetics-carrying music is composed and performed by the technology’s creator and world-renowned 7-string electric violinist, Robert Anthony Aviles.


SCMA Nominated Best Instrumental ArtistSCMA Nominated Best World ArtistOCMA Winner Best Classic Rock ArtistOCMA 3-Times Nominee Best Live ActOCMA Winner Best Instrumental ArtistOCMA Winner Best AlbumOCMA 3-Times Nominee Best World Artist

Enerceutical-Music can be played loudly, played almost inaudibly and listened to through headphones – all methods will deliver the complete harmonizing and balancing information. 
Live with greater well-being, live stronger, live balanced

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Rock and Roll

Easy Listening



Each Album is specifically produced to fit any mood or desired atmosphere—from toe-tapping party music and easy background music, to creating a relaxing ambiance.

Relax the mind and body for
Better Sleep
Balance the brain for
Greater Mental Focus
Harmonize energies for
Greater Well-being


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– all will deliver the complete benefits

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