Helping people worldwide, one person at a time, since 1998

The founders of the Harmonic Energy Tech, LésAvi, perfected a sympathetic vibration that matches a body's healthy bioenergetics. When used, the Harmonic Energies (HE) will balance, stabilize and renew your body's energy for greater protection, vitality and well-being.

It’s science, naturally

We know that the bioenergetics industry can come across, well, weird; but it's used every day by chiropractors, acupuncturists and physical therapists. It’s used in the medical industry with MRIs, EKGs, PET scans, CT scans, thermography and much more. And, it’s supported by over three thousand years of Asian history.

All the Harmonic Energy-enhanced products are reinforced with thousands of man-hours in its molecular geometric and tonal vibratory development. It’s been studied and tested in hospitals, schools, research laboratories and tens of thousands of worldwide users. It is definitely a very successful high tech with a soft touch.

The best way remaining for us to set you at ease, is to tell you that we at LésAvi and all of our Heroes use and love the energetically enhanced products offered in the Mall. Our families use them, many of our children have used them all of their lives and most of our tens of thousands of worldwide customers still use them.

A good percentage of our Heroes’ customers return to purchase more because they'd given theirs to a family member or friend who needed it. You'll see, you may be tempted to do so too. That says quite a bit about not only the value that the Harmonic Energy products bring but the kind of people that use them.

We’re excited to share a balanced New Year with you.