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Pam Saige

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Our world has changed

You can see it everywhere. But none more than in the way we spend our day looking at screens, battling traffic and interact with each other. Simple familial etiquettes of saying hello when passing a stranger or looking at someone in the eye when conversing have all but been switched out for a tweet or text.

Look out at the horizon. At one time there were trees and rolling hills or far reaching planes. Now it is dotted with antennas, satellite dishes high-rise buildings and wires. Our skies are still clouded in smog, our waters teeming with plastics and chemicals and our personal living spaces surrounded in EMF, cellular and Wi-Fi waves and radiations.

The stresses placed upon us by our “advanced” lives has only been this high in times of world wars.

Don’t get me wrong.

I very much like and constantly use our new society’s advances and technologies, but it’s time to make a few changes of our own.

I’m here to help you to Feel the Shift to a calmer more stable and protected lifestyle. It all begins from within, with your own living, subtle bioenergetics. I have created a line of Enerceutically-enhanced products that are easy to use, fun to share and very powerful.

My Crystal Clear energized apparel and additives will stabilize your bioenergies and bring you back to the balanced and energetic person you were meant to be. Now you can maintain a constant energy in the face of all the electrosmog around you. Your body will regenerate and repair more effectively while living in dirty air. And, your mind can stay calm and focused while being accosted by debilitating stress.

My favorite part is that you can mix and match all my Crystal Clear products because one is good, two are better and three are better yet. The “stacking” effect created by the Enerceuticals helps to “direct” your body’s energetics to areas that your body and mind need it most. Try it and see for yourself. You’ll never go back to living without being Crystal Clear. 


Feel the Shift, then Stack your energy


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