Robert Anthony Aviles

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Robert Anthony Aviles

The super power is in between the notes

“I meticulously interwove the harmonizing energy into each song. My music can be played loudly, played almost inaudibly and listened to through headphones – all methods will deliver the complete harmonizing and balancing information.” 

 Robert Anthony Aviles

Composer, Musician, Performer and Healer



When the energy-enhanced songs are played their harmonizing waveforms ride upon the sound waves and deliver their balancing information to any bioenergetic field within its range. The range has been measured to be effective up to 100 meters in all directions – left, right, back, forward, up and down.

Various music styles were produced to allow for the enjoyment of all audiences and all ages. Within the many styles are specific-use titles for exercise, work, concentration, relaxation and more. For example, the award-winning album Rhythm of the Mind and Enhanced Beginnings were composed to enhance focus and concentration with an added Mozart-effect.

Thousands upon thousands of people around the world play this extraordinary Enerceutically-enhanced Music while studying, concentrating, stimulating thought, mental development and for calming and relaxation.

The amount of energy used to push the sound waves through an area (volume) has very little effect on the integrity of the Enerceutical Bioenergetics information conveyed—a little is all you need. Think of it like this, a TV show can be delivered through slow FM waves or through super-fast fiber optic waves, the integrity of the information remains constant—you’ll see exactly the same show.




The exceptional Enerceutical-carrying musical compositions were composed and performed by the world-renown 7-string electric violinist, Robert Anthony Aviles.

As a recording artist, Robert has nearly two decades of experience in composing, arranging, engineering, and producing. Robert has performed as a session player on both piano and violin on well over 100 recording projects. His artistry can be heard on a best-selling Warner Bros. instructional videos, major motion picture sound tracks and National Geographic and Nature Channel documentaries. 

As a performer, Robert played all over the world. He was invited be an American Ambassador in New Zealand for the Joy to the World 2000 millennium celebration where he was the first to usher in the new millennium. He has received standing ovations from audiences of 60 to 80 thousand as an American Ambassador for the Canada Day 2000 Celebrations. Robert was the first non-native Hawaiian to perform at the Waiki'i Music Festival on the big island of Hawaii. He was invited several times to tour Japan and performed throughout the United States.

Robert was nominated as "Best Artist" in the World Music category for the Orange County Music Awards, he was among the top five "Best Live Acts" in 2004 and won the "Best Instrumental Artist" award in the same year.

“In a world of confusion, one voice cannot be heard, but when that voice is joined by others who sing the same song, no one can deny the music that is made. God bless.”

~ Robert Anthony Aviles


"Robert Anthony Aviles puts on an exciting concert that keeps the crowd involved from the get-go and does not let up."

~ Jon Pepper 
Music Connection Magazine

"Aviles is to the violin as Hendrix was to the guitar."

~ BAM Magazine

"Totally fresh and unique. Robert Anthony Aviles blends classical and rock music tastefully."

~Jeffrey Cohen 
Music Biz Magazine


Robert’s music ranges from Rock, Classical, New Age, Lullaby, World, Inspirational, and Seasonal music, but together they are one song of energy enhancement

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