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Like you, I live in stress-filled, polluted and electrosmog-riddled living environments. We all know that it can create energetic blockages that affect the natural flow of your bioenergies. I have searched worldwide for practical and effective solutions… I’ve found some.

I have devoted my life to helping others align and balance their total body energies. This is why I’m suggesting that to live balanced, stabilized and protected that you use one or all of the energy-enhanced products that I have chosen to use myself and include my Hero Store.  

“I have used these products to great success for over 15 years and highly recommend them to you. Blessings.”

~ Tammie Donnelly

Where, what are EMFs?

Electromagnetic Frequency fields are composed of two distinct parts, electric and magnetic. They need to be addressed separately:

Electric waveforms are found wherever electricity is generated, used and generally arise from voltage on conductors (i.e., wires, transformers, etc.). Electric fields are easily shielded by common objects such as wood, rock, earth and rubber. There is a basic physical reaction to raw electricity currents so we are familiar with how much exposure is considered harmless or hazardous.

Magnetic waveforms arise from an electrical or signal current flowing through simple conductors and relays. They are very difficult to shield. This is why the magnetic fields produced by power lines and wireless signals can extend deep into living environments passing through barriers known to block electric energy fields. We are exposed to magnetic fields from wireless signal waveforms and wiring in buildings to all of our electric appliances like TV sets, radios, portable digital devices, hair dryers, electric blankets, electric tools and very much more.


Be aware
There may be a false sense of safety offered by many companies claiming to protect from EMFs by producing easily made energy blockers. However, those solutions primarily moderate electric waves and rarely address the magnetic fields – which are by far the more damaging of the two. As well, popular blockers do not address the overwhelming magnetic fields generated by everyone else’s devices and the myriad of magnetic frequency wave delivery sources surrounding our personal spaces – above us, below us, around us and going right through us all the time.


A little about your EMF Safeguards Hero

Tammie Donnelly has devoted her life to the greater wellness and well-being of others. She is always the first to discover, explore and either endorse or discard new technologies, treatments and solutions for energy enhancement and protection… she’ll tell it to you straight if it’s good or not.

Her clear understanding of the Enerceutical Bioenergetics-based products offered here, of Scaler Wave and Crystal Light Wave technologies and more, has made her a sought-after and respected resource for guidance and support from those suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) syndrome and other ailments resulting from our polluted, electrosmog and stress-filled living environments.

“I became very passionate in optimal health and healing over 40 years ago when I became pregnant with my son. I quickly discovered that it is my love and passion to share my knowledge and guide others in making healthier choices for themselves.”

~ Tammie Donnelly

Stay energized, stable and balanced with these Enerceutical Bioenergetics products.

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