Bioenergetics Technology

Over the last two decades our bioenergetics solutions have been called by many names – LésAvi Harmonic Energy Technology, NanoVibe, TEN, JBP, BioPhotonix and more, but they are all rooted in the same core Optimize Earth Enercutical Bioenergetics Technology. 

Here are some brief explanations of the BioPhotonix brand.

Be strong, be age-defiant, be clear of mind
Balanced bioenergetics will make your life better

We perfected a sympathetic vibration that matches the body's bioenergetics. When used, our Enercutical Bioenergetics will balance, stabilize and renew your body's energy for greater protection, energy and well-being.

1998 - Enercutical Music

Calms - Relaxes - Stabilizes

Geometric measurements of a healthy body’s vibratory energies were converted into tones and rhythms – creating the Enercutical Bioenergetics Music. Once the Enercutical -Music’s vibrations enter a body’s bioenergetic field it synchronizes with it, to balance and harmonize.

 Five Years Later

2003 - Enercutical Body Cells

Energizes - Regenerates - Alleviates

It’s difficult to have the Enercutical-Music playing all the time, so a frequency reverberation technology was developed called the Enercutical Body-Cell. Cells use the body's own bioenergetic energy to create an echoing-effect that generates the same proven balancing Enercutical Bioenergetics tonal vibrations.

 Six Years Later

2009 - Enercutical Electricity Cells

Detoxifies - Strengthens Immunity - Anti-Aging

Because our hostile living spaces have become saturated with EMF, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular waves and more, we developed the Enercutical Electricity Cell. E-Cells use the destabilizing energy vibrations of manmade electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) as its power source to reverberate balancing bioenergetic information that will continually fill areas large and personal.

 Two Years Later

2012 - Liquilight

Reduces Stress - Focuses Thought - Stimulates Growth

Following 14 years of experience, we developed the ultimate bioenergetics harmonizer – Liquilight; liquid, light. This proprietary technology suffuses the Enercutical Bioenergetics Technology vibratory information into life-giving pure water which can then be consumed, used topically, refracted by light and much more.

Can you imagine...

a belt that helps you stay focused or a t-shirt that keeps you balanced, a perfume that helps you sleep or even a shampoo that keeps you energized all day?

We’ll let our Hero Kathy tell you more. She has produced Enercutical Bioenergetics Technology products that she feels will best address your needs within her area of expertise, martial arts.

Martial Arts Hero 
“I’ve used the Enercutical Bioenergetics for over a decade and have been so immersed in it that I decided to create my own specialized line of products for martial arts professionals and enthusiasts. It offers you the same BEST – Balance, Energy, Stabilization and Thought – that I enjoy every day.”

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~ Kathy Long