Wave Wars

Are you winning the Wave Wars?


Everything in life is energy, energy creates a vibration and vibrations are measured in wavelengths. It’s believed that our body’s biowave signatures fall somewhere between ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. Whereas, manmade energetic waveforms fall pretty much everywhere on the scale.

As a general rule, waves want to synchronize with other waves to create a singular wave pattern. The resulting pattern is primarily influenced by the strongest waves in the group. In a similar way that a compelling rhythmic melody can influence you to tap your toe, a stronger waveform can influence a weaker waveform—especially like your body’s natural subtle bio-waveforms.

Are you safe?

You think just because you can’t touch it or eat it or breathe it that you’re okay. Nevertheless, you’re still being consistently, aggressively bombarded by energy waves created by — Pollution — Overcrowding — Stress — Chemicals — Pesticides — Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) — Cellular — Wi-Fi — And much more.

Are you winning or slowly losing?

There’s no uncertainty about it, your bio-electromagnetic energies are being influenced. They’re being enhanced and knocked out of sync, destabilized and modified and are even being rerouted and blocked.

Hey, we all love our laundry detergent, cosmetics and cell phones, but think energetically, not physically. Do destabilized biowave energies hinder your mind’s abilities? Do they affect immunity or recovery? Does it slow or block growth and renewal? Will the affects be felt more in the long term?

The easiest way to find out is to stop, take a couple of moments and think about how you feel.  


Win the Wave War!

YOU ARE being energetically influenced by the energy waves that go up and down the spectrum throughout your living spaces. You can no longer ignore it or blame your symptoms on old age or diet, there’s something else – you’re living in a Wave War and it’s affecting you.

When the sympathetic waveforms of your Heroes’ Enerceutical products interact with your body’s unbalanced biowave the two will synchronize and instantaneously bring your body back to its natural, strong and balanced state of being and will hold it so as long as the energy is present.

Live Strong, Live Safe, Live Balanced