Why?...you ask

Because you’ve been taking care of yourself PHYSICALLY, but now you need to take care of yourself ENERGETICALLY.

Today it’s all about bioenergetics

Stop. Think for yourself. Look around you, look on you.
From the moment you were born to right now today, you have been assaulted by chemicals, pollution and stresses. These alone have been difficult to manage, But today you live in a generation that relies heavily on technology. Whether for personal use or work, you are swimming in a vast ocean of radio-frequency radiation from mobile technologies that run on batteries and use cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth energy waves. 
The results of a distorted personal bioenergetic base can manifest itself in obvious ways like lower immunity, reduced patience and mysterious body aches to more subtle ways like lower energy, poor sleep and looking older than you should be at your age.

So why?...you ask

Because we have surrounded ourselves in destabilizing and harmful energies. You can’t see them, you can’t hear them, you can’t smell them. But you can feel them - bioenergetically. Your body is electric, it needs to be stable, synchronized and energized. That’s why.

Think of your health and well-being energetically, not just physically.